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1/2 the carbs ∙ 6x more fibre ∙ All the taste

100% natural0 preservatives

Radically better carbs

Crafted with food science

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    Bread & Bakery

    Delicious, fluffy, and full of flavor that won't disappoint. UPGRAIN is perfect for breakfast, or something to accompany tea in the evening and, really - anything in between.

    UPGRAIN Brioche Loaf - Product Packaging
    Brioche Loaf

    Brioche Loaf


    UPGRAIN Signature Buns - Product Packaging
    UPGRAIN Lifestyle Signature Buns

    Signature Buns


    UPGRAIN Pita Bread - Product Packaging
    UPGRAIN Lifestyle Pita

    Pita Bread


    UPGRAIN Multigrain Buns - Product Packaging
    Multigrain Buns

    Multigrain Buns


    UPGRAIN Hoagies - Texture
    UPGRAIN Lifestyle Hoagies



    UPGRAIN Vegan Buns - Product Packaging
    UPGRAIN Lifestyle Vegan Buns

    Vegan Buns


    Always freshly delivered

    All of the taste with no compromise

    100% Natural
    0 preservatives