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1/2 the carbs ∙ 6x more fibre ∙ All the taste

100% natural0 preservatives

Radically better carbs

Crafted with food science

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    Half the carbs, all the taste

    Upgrain your menu

    Meet Rising Consumer Demand

    With the rise of mindful eating, your customers are choosing nutritionally better choices in what they eat everyday, now more than ever before.

    Cooks the Same

    It's super easy! No unnecessary changes are needed to your kitchen prep. So, you can spend more time in delighting the palettes of your customers, and less on adapting your operations.

    Expand your Choices

    Partner with UPGRAIN to accelerate your culinary creation hack -- a quick way to introduce more delectable, differentiated dishes into your menu!

    Made Possible by Food Science

    Our game-changing Uplift process enables us to create Breads, Noodles, Pastas, Pastry Sheets, that has all the taste and texture of wheat-based staples, but with less than half the carbs, 6x more fibre and are 100% natural. Welcome to the future of radically better carbs!

    Don't just take our word for it.
    Trust your taste buds.

    Visit UPGRAIN PARTNERS for samples, opportunities to collaborate, retailer partnerships and all things UPGRAIN.

    Always freshly delivered

    All of the taste with no compromise

    100% Natural
    0 preservatives