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1/2 the carbs āˆ™ 6x more fibre āˆ™ All the taste

100% natural āˆ™ 0 preservatives

Radically better carbs

Crafted with food science

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    1/2-carb Fresh Mee Pok (flat egg noodles)

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    Silky smooth with just the right amount of bounce,Ā our flat egg noodles make for savoury bowls of goodness.

    The best thingĀ about our radically better carbs Mee Pok is that they tasteĀ like your regular egg noodles but withĀ 1/2 the carbs and 16x more fibre! And we make it in small batches in Singapore, using only 100% natural ingredients and 0 preservatives.Ā 


    How to store

    Fridge: Our noodles are 100% natural with no preservatives.Ā  The vacuum-bag keepsĀ  themĀ good forĀ oneĀ monthĀ in the fridge. Once open, we recommend that you consumeĀ them within 3 days.Ā Keep chilled.

    Freezer:Ā If you wish to extend the shelf-life, please keep them frozen for up to 6 months.Ā 


    The real thing made better

    Each bag contains 4 portions of noodles.
    Total Weight 280g.
    Vacuum-packed for freshness.
    Cooks in 40-50 seconds.


    Frozen: Allow noodles to completely thaw overnight in the fridge.

    Chilled: Take noodles out from the fridge and follow steps 1-3

    1. Remove chilled noodles from the bag and leave it at room temperature for 20-40 minutes. (If frozen, allow noodles to thaw for 2 hours) Once softened, loosen the noodle strands.
    2. Place noodles into boiling water, give it a gentle stir to cook all the strands evenly for 40-50 seconds.
    3. For that extra bouncy texture, drain and do a quick rinse in cold water. Serve immediately for the best taste!

    For stir-fry noodles:

    Boil for 30-40 secs. Drain and place it into a hot wok/pan.

    Mee Pok Noodles Nutritional Facts

    How UPGRAIN Compares

    Uplift - the magic of food science
    Our Proprietary Process

    Perfected over 20 years, Uplift is how we make UPGRAIN. It is 100% naturalā€”bringing together the elemental building blocks of carbs (starch, proteins and fibres) in transformative ways to lower carb content.Ā (Learn more)


    Recipe Ideas

    Storage TipsĀ Stretch your enjoyment of ourĀ noodles with these cool storage tips.


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    šŸ˜‹Ā Tasty Delicious GuaranteeĀ We make our products in small batches, ensuring that it always stays fresh when they are packed and delivered to your doorstep.Ā UPGRAIN's exceptional taste comes from the fact that we only use the freshest ingredients during our preparation.

    Our goals are to exceed your expectations and at UPGRAIN we work hard to ensure that our customers are happy and always coming back for more.


    šŸŒ±Ā 100% Freshness Guarantee Our products are made daily, packaged and delivered to you as quickly as possible for the utmost freshness.

    Store noodles in the fridge for a month upon delivery. As they do not contain any preservatives, we recommend that they are enjoyed within 3 days once the vacuum-bag is opened.

    Alternatively, to extend freshness, you can keep them in the freezer, and thaw them overnight in the fridge prior to consumption.


    šŸšš Always Freshly DeliveredĀ We deliver island-wide in Singapore, excluding Pulau Ubin and off-shore islands. We bake and deliver daily with the exceptions of Sundays and public holidays (Shipping & Delivery info).


    šŸ·ļøĀ Get Free Shipping on your first order!Ā Trust your taste buds. Use codeĀ 'TRYUPGRAIN'Ā at checkout to get your first order delivered with Free Shipping. Apply this discount automaticallyĀ via this link. We'd love for you to join the UPGRAIN family.


    If you're not satisfied with your order for whatever reason.Ā Contact us via emailĀ or live chat and we'll do our very best to make things right.

    1/2-carb Fresh Mee Pok (flat egg noodles)


    supportUPGRAIN FAQ

    UPGRAIN is a radically better carb. It tastes just like your regular bread, noodles and pasta, but with only half the carbs and 6x more fibre.
    By applying food science to conventional cooking techniques, we've managed to emulate what we love in carbs with less of it. We do this with all natural, food-grade ingredients, without any preservatives or nasties.

    Our products contain mainly different grains, starchy root vegetables and edible plant-based dietary fibre.

    Some contain soy, eggs and butter. Click on a product to see detailed ingredients and nutritional profiles.

    Through a process we call Uplift. By applying food science to conventional cooking techniques, we've managed to emulate what we love about the texture, mouthfeel and taste of regular carb foods, but with less of the actual carbs.

    All our products are proudly made in Singapore.


    We deliver island-wide, excluding Pulau Ubin and off-shore islands. We bake and deliver daily with the exceptions of Sundays.

    Our products come with zero preservatives and it's recommended to be consumed within 2 days. Keeping UPGRAIN products in the fridge will generally last a month. For longer durations, you can freeze them.


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