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1/2 the carbs ∙ 6x more fibre ∙ All the taste

100% natural0 preservatives

Radically better carbs

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Crafted with food science

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    We will be closed from 31 January to 4 February for the Lunar New Year and resume operations on 5 February. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Half the carbs. All the taste

    Upgrain® is made by
    Food Lovers, for Food Lovers

    We are a Singapore food tech company on a mission to help you eat better by transforming how carbs are consumed in every culture across the world.

    Breads, pastas, noodles or any other wheat-based staples made with our UPGRAIN flour are nutritionally better. Why? We use a clever symphony of food science and innovative cooking techniques to create scrumptious food that has only half the carbs, 6x more fibre, 0 preservatives and are 100% natural.

    And the best part? It has all of the taste and texture you love in your wheat-based food, yet less of what you don't want. Here's to the future of radically better carbs!

    Uplift - the magic of food science

    Our Proprietary Process

    Perfected over 20 years, Uplift is how we make UPGRAIN. It is 100% natural—bringing together the elemental building blocks of carbs (starch, proteins and fibres) in transformative ways to lower carb content.

    By taking advantage of these building blocks' natural ability to form lasting bonds with each other, Uplift creates new shapes and structures that are free from unwanted molecular interactions that typically define the carbs we eat.

    It’s why we can formulate products with radical nutritional enhancements (1/2 the carbs, 6x more fibre, all natural) while fully emulating the taste, texture and experience of their equivalent wheat-based products.

    Finally, carbs without the guilt or compromise on taste! With UPGRAIN, the food you love, now loves you back.

    Everything you love from your wheat-based staples with only half the carbs

    Always freshly delivered

    All of the taste with no compromise

    100% Natural
    0 preservatives