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Radically better carbs


Delicious meets nutritious....coming soon


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    We will be closed from 31 January to 4 February for the Lunar New Year and resume operations on 5 February. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Tasty treats for food lovers, made by food lovers at UPGRAIN®

    The recipes for all our bakes and staples are tried and tested by foodies here at UPGRAIN® so that you can eat deliciously every meal, breakfast, lunch & dinner. And to top it all off, food made with our mouthwatering staples here at UPGRAIN® have lower carbs and (much) higher fibre too!

    Foodies love UPGRAIN

    UPGRAIN fans are obsessed with our food, whether it happens to be one of our buns, a brioche, or even our noodles.


    This brioche is so good, can't believe it's the healthier version. Even better than some brioche out there.

    - Maya N.

    I love the smooth & almost silky texture of the bread. And I find the taste is very good even on its own!

    - Hamimah S.

    Soft chewy bread! I’m on a low carb diet, so the products from upgrain is perfect for me. Low carb + tastes good= perfect! Thanks for arranging delivery on such short notice too! :)

    - Valerie S.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the loaf from upgrain, satisfies the bread lovers in our home and glad that it contains more fibre and lesser calories. will be back for more, wish there is a subscription promo / service or something ~ my mom loves their ramen too! will be stocking up soon

    - Wan Ting L.

    Best brioche ever. The texture is so good, microwaved or oven toasted, all good.

    - Maya N.

    Always love the noodles from upgrain! Tasty and less guilty too!😉 …I loveeee the vegan bun! Its so soft and chewy!! My absolute favorite!

    - Valerie S.

    Tastes great. Made toast and tastes better than normal bread healthy and fresh

    - Sun C.

    Yummy stuff! A staple in my house. Low carb with all the wonderful goodness of pita bread! 🤭👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    - Jayee G.

    Loved both products I bought. My mom loved them, too. The brioche loaf is truly soft, fluffy and buttery. The hot cross buns are nice and soft. With both items at half carbs, we could indulge with little worries.

    - Dorothy L.

    Never fails on the quality! … I love these burger buns! They are so delicious and the new flavours of charcoal and sun-dried buns really are a bomb! Plus 1/2 carb for someone like me on macro diet works so well!

    - Rue S.

    This is the best Brioche loaf I have eaten. Frankly, it is even better than the regular brioche I have eaten whenever I am in France.

    - Geraldine L.

    This is my repeat purchase. Their bread tasted really good! They are chewy and fluffy and you don’t feel that you are eating a low carb version of a bread. You also don’t feel carb overload after consuming these bread! This is good and healthy, highly recommended for those who wants to keep carbs low in their diet.

    - Claudia E.

    We had a noodle party and this noodle impresses everyone! Tasty and perfect noodle texture, not soggy nor hard. With a good and balance egg-y-ness!...

    This is really good tasting bun and without the guilt! I have recommended to all my friends!

    - Alpsee H.

    How UPGRAIN® Compares (for 100g serve)

    The food you love, now loves you back.

    Always freshly delivered

    All the taste with no compromise

    Made with UPGRAIN® flour